Comic Book Resources Author Page

Began writing list articles for CBR. I primarily focus on comic book-related topics but I get to write on a variety of nerdy subjects. It’s been fun to have eyes on my writing and to get geeky thoughts out of my head. If you would like, you can read them here.

Afterlife Goes On

A brief tale I submitted to a short story competition. Ultimately, it wasn’t a winner and I can definitely understand why: it’s pretty abysmal. The word limit constraint of the contest was a good storytelling challenge but unfortunately, I failed to make something worthwhile. That being said, I still think it’s a pretty neat concept and I hope to execute a better story in the future. I considered rewriting it before presenting here but I think I’ll leave this version up to create a baseline for improvement should I ever repurpose it.

Ensayne Words

A very random collection of my thoughts on Instagram. Some are quick stories and some might be considered poetry. However, most are just reactions to the grief in my life… So! If that interests you, read them here.

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