Ensayne Comics!

#8 – New Mutants Demon Bear Ensayne Comics!

Mister Ensayne talks New Mutants, comics, and pop culture.
  1. #8 – New Mutants Demon Bear
  2. #7 – We Back with New Avengers/Transformers
  3. #6 – Peanuts, Game Pass, and More
  4. #5 – Stars and STRIPE, Halo: Infinite Gameplay, and More
  5. #4.5 – Quick Update

As a huge lover of the sequential art medium, I decided to start recording a show about them. In this series I talk about notable new releases coming out for the week, interesting and related-media news, and end off with a book club. You can listen above (when the player works), on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Spreaker, and a few other platforms.

“You Belong With Me” Cover

I covered this for a girl one summer. Pretty bad but pretty fun.

[Future Song]

Rough guitar for a song I hope to put out sometime.

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